KLM has canceled 34 flights today due to the ongoing chaos at Schiphol. According to the airline, the flights are between 9.30 and 17.00. Salient detail: although passengers are not allowed on board, the planes still depart empty to pick up travelers abroad.

    KLM says it is “displeased” with the decision to cancel even more flights. There was already a capacity limitation in September and October, but due to the staff shortage at Schiphol security, more flights have to be canceled immediately. That equates to 9,250 fewer passengers per day that can depart from the airport.

    KLM does not want to inconvenience travelers abroad who fly to Schiphol. That is why the company is forced to allow empty flights, i.e. without passengers, to depart from Schiphol.

    More cancellations to come

    More KLM flights will be canceled tomorrow and Monday. Other airlines will also be forced to cancel flights. According to Schiphol, flights must be canceled in order to guarantee the safety of passengers and staff in the terminals.