09/24/2022 at 07:11


    Many times we buy extra bread for home

    You can use it in various dishes

    We often buy extra bread for home. Guests, bad calculations or any other reason can lead us to accumulate bread that is hard for the next day. Do not throw it away! You can use it for various dishes.

    Bread crumbs

    It is the most typical but should be on the list. Any stale bread can be used to grate and coat croquettes or steaks. If you are not convinced by breaded breadcrumbs, you can also make croutons. You just have to cut the bread into cubes and put them in the oven with a splash of oil to brown them.


    It is a very typical dish from Spain. Basically it’s that to make it you need stale bread. To prepare it you only need to cut the bread into slices and soak it in water so that it becomes moist. On the other hand, yesIt will only be necessary to fry garlic, bacon and chorizo. Then all that is left is for them to be sautéed to pick up flavor… and that’s it!


    Another typical dish of Spanish cuisine. ideal for summer, although it can be enjoyed all year round. To do it, you just have to crush the tomatoes until you have a very liquid sauce. Then add the bread and let it soak. There the bread will soften and take on all the flavor of the tomato. Add garlic, oil, salt, egg and ham. Ready to eat.


    It seems not, but if you pass the bread through the iron and the toaster, it becomes edible again. You can make some toast for example. There it already depends on your tastes and how original you can be: olive oil, butter, jam, avocado…