The Hungarian ambassador in Kiev has been summoned to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ukraine is angry over “unacceptable” comments by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Among other things, he said that “Ukraine has become a no man’s land” and compared it to Afghanistan. “Hungary is deliberately trying to ruin relations between Kiev and Budapest,” said a spokesman for the Ukrainian ministry.

    Orban made more statements on Friday that kick Ukraine against the sore leg. He suggested that “the rest of Europe participates in the war against Russia by supplying arms” to Ukraine and helping the country financially. Orban notes that it started with sending helmets, but that modern tanks are now coming from Europe and that “they are even talking about airplanes”.

    “You can say what you want, but then you are part of the war.” Hungary, on the other hand, “avoided being drawn into the war”. Budapest does not directly send weapons, but it does support Kiev financially.

    Finally, Orban also said he would veto a new European sanctions package against Russia if the sanctions involve nuclear power. Ukraine has urged the European Union to also punish Rosatom, the state-owned company that manages Russian nuclear energy. Hungary does not like that, because it cooperates with Rosatom at its own nuclear power plants. Orban is often critical of European sanctions and questions their effectiveness.

    Relationships have been tense for a long time

    Less than a month ago, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban “disrespectful and politically short-sighted” because of some controversial statements. Orban said at the time that the war could end if the United States stopped its arms shipments.

    Relations between Kiev and Budapest have been tense for some time. For example, Orban has already tried several times to block European sanctions against Russia. He was also spotted last year with a scarf on which a map of Hungary was depicted, including a piece of Ukrainian territory. The action sparked a diplomatic row with Romania and Ukraine.

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