According to the Finn, there are too many bonus seconds in the sprint.

    From the two sprints in the Tour de Ski, the best 30 are given so-called bonus seconds, which have a positive effect on the athlete’s time in the overall standings of the Tour.

    Athletes who reached the finals get 60–42 bonus seconds, semi-finalists 32–22 and those who reached the quarterfinals 10–4 bonus seconds.

    this is Kerttu Niskanen think too much.

    – When I was on the Tour for the first time in my career, there were at most 30 bonus seconds. I would like half a minute back to the rules, Niskanen commented.

    He was seventh in the final results, so the bonuses were 32 seconds. To Niskanen’s chagrin, the main opponents are fighting for places 2–3 in the Tour’s overall competition Tiril Weng and Krista Pärmäkoski got more. Second-placed Weng got 54 bonus seconds and fifth-placed Pärmäkoski got 44 bonus seconds.

    – I am completely satisfied with the placement. I have skied three sprints this season, all in the World Cup, and in all of them I have reached the semi-finals. I’m not a sprinter. For skiers of normal distances, the result is just fine.

    After Friday’s semi-final skiing, it seemed that Niskanen was angry at the finish line.

    – I wasn’t the first one. Of course it was a pity and the place in the final was close. It would have been nice to continue.

    Niskanen describes that the decision place Alava goal line went to waste.

    – One skier went ahead of me, which was good. He came with such a good speed and got a gap that I didn’t benefit from his dick. Others benefited from my dick, so it didn’t make sense.

    Reasonable with plenty

    Kerttu Niskanen does not consider the Tour de Ski bonus second rule to be valid. Jussi Saarinen

    Anne Kyllönen qualified for the quarterfinals on Friday.

    – The situation changed surprisingly little after qualifying. The road was really fast. Certainly the fastest times that have been skied here, Kyllönen said.

    In the time trial, the Finn was sixth.

    – In advance, I thought that we needed a little luck and a really good mood to go to the semi-finals. That’s why I went for a high-speed quarter-final. It wasn’t enough now.

    Anne Kyllönen was seventeenth on Friday on stage 5/7 of the Tour de Ski. Jussi Saarinen


    Overall situation of the Women’s Tour after the 5/7 race:

    1. Frida Karlsson (SWE), 1:47.04

    2. Tiril Weng (NOR), +41.0

    3. Krista Pärmäkoski, +1.05,0

    4. Lotta Weng (NOR), +1.27,0

    5. Kerttu Niskanen, +1.32.0

    6. Katharina Hennig (GER), +1.52,0

    7. Rosie Brennan (USA), +2.21.0

    8. Astrid Slind (NOR), +2.35,0

    9. Heidi Weng (NOR), +2.58,0

    10. Nadine Fähndrich (SUI), +3.27,0


    18. Anne Kyllönen, +4.26,0

    Jasmi Joensuu, Jasmin Kähärä, Katri Lylynperä and Anni Alakoski interrupted.