Kayserispor – Yeni Malatyaspor: 3-0 MATCH RESULT – SUMMARY – Last minute Super League news

The excitement continues in the 37th week of the Super League. Kayserispor – Malatyaspor shared their trump card in the tough match.

The home team started the match with 11 of Cenk, Kolovetsios, Uğur, İlhan, Yasir, Gökhan, Emrah, İbrahim, Ramazan, Campanharo and Mustafa.

The visiting team took part in the field with 11 of them Eyüp, Awuku, Campi, Barış, Umut, Buğra, Hafez, Atakan, Tetteh, Mert and Kerem.

The first goal of the fight came in the 10th minute. Gokhan Sazdagi put his team ahead 1-0 in Kayserispor.

Gokhan Sazdagi, who took the stage once again in 45+4, made the difference well and the first half was completed with this result.

Hayrullah Erkip in the home team scored the goal that increased the difference to 3 in the 72nd minute.

There was no other goal in the match and Kayserispor defeated Yeni Malatyaspor 3-0.

With this result, Kayserispor rose to 14th place with 47 points, while Yeni Malatyaspor remained in 20th place with 20 points.