Kanye West, not only a rapper, musician, producer, entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian’s ex and designer, has expanded his portfolio again: if you believe his recent Instagram post, he now has a hamburger packaging for fast food -Chain McDonald’s designed.

    West claims to have teamed up with industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa to redesign the coated cardboard boxes. On Instagram he shows a picture of their product. More are to follow: “Next week it’s the fries”, wrote underneath – so the french fries are next.

    McDonald’s itself has not yet confirmed the collaboration on its social media channels. Accordingly, it is not yet officially known whether West’s redesign is really one commissioned by the fast-food chain, whether further new packaging will follow and whether West’s burger box will be one-off, limited or permanent in the stores.

    Kanye West also makes music

    West recently released a video for the song “Life Of The Party,” which is on the deluxe version of his 2021 album DONDA. The video features childhood and adolescence images of Kanye West brought to life through the use of deep fake technology. Among other things, we get to see West as a baby and as a schoolboy in a class photo. On the album version of “Life Of The Party” there is a feature part by André 3000, which is omitted in the music video version. The original song, which is more than six minutes long, in the video version only has a running time of around two minutes.

    Kanye West’s current album DONDA 2 has so far only been officially released on the “Stem Player” marketed by the rapper. The device costs around $200. Most recently, Kanye West was heard on Future’s new album I NEVER LIKED YOU, there is also a song for the song “Keep it Burnin”. music video.