Kamala Harris gaat naar begrafenis Tire Nichols | Buitenland

Also, the brother of George Floyd, another law, the law on the political world, is considered to be a concern, so that the Advisory Board of the Nichols family is informed.

The 29-year-old Tire Nichols will be hard-handed on January 7th and will be overleed later. Last week there were black agents, who were already on the job because of bullying, they heard that there had been a complaint about doodslag and black mishandling. Intussen will still be an agent shaved and also two medici and a chauffeur of a brandweerwagen by the brandweerkorps in Memphis ontslagen.

President Joe Biden had first telephone contact with the family of Tire Nichols.

KIJK. Shocking beelden ton hoe Tire Nichols (29) was shot for minutes and beaten tijdens arrestatie