Already absent in the last few weeks in black and white, the striker has only played half an hour with Brazil and the medical staff is treating him to bring him back to full availability. In the background the old troubles with pubalgia

    Serbia hoped to have Vlahovic at 100% already on his debut with Brazil. This was not the case: the bench in Qatar partly clarifies the doubts of the Juve fans who had thought badly about the center forward’s recent absences and partly keeps his breath in suspense for the next matches for the national team. But also in Turin they are following the evolution of the situation with great interest, since the inflammation of the pubic area could somehow have relapses even after the World Cup. Dusan played for less than half an hour against his club mates Danilo and Alex Sandro, the hope of coach Dragan Stojkovic is that he can guarantee a higher playing time in the next matches against Cameroon and Switzerland. But it will depend above all on the feelings of the boy.


    “He’s tried but he doesn’t feel like it,” explained Allegri in the last few games he’s had to do without the striker. Who had already reduced his holidays last summer to solve a problem with pubalgia. The problem that is haunting him would not be the same, but he limits it in the same way. Indeed, if in the final of last season Dusan had gritted his teeth despite declining performance, now he just can’t give availability to take the field. The Serbian medical staff is treating him in an attempt to get him out of the injury, the hope of Vlahovic and all the staff is that he will be able to definitively dispose of the discomfort these days, but for now, caution is filtering. On the other hand, after missing the away match in Lecce, the attacker seemed ready for the next Italian derby with Inter: only to then raise the white flag and skip the following matches against Verona and Lazio.