From De Ligt and Zakaria to Ramsey and Kulusevski, many talked about the coach after the farewell. Max says nothing, the best answer should be on the pitch

    It is not long before Allegri is now mistaken for one of those target cans at the amusement park: if you hit it and knock it down, you take home a nice gift. Usually a discreet cashier, the technician in recent times seemed to be wavering a bit under fire, certainly not a friend. Many are having fun at shooting, with sometimes indisputable precision, but with inversely proportional style and elegance. Because the talking crickets custodians of the truth about Juve are all former Juventus players. De Ligt, Zakaria, Ramsey, Kulusevski, not to mention the revived Sissoko, he is an ex squared because Allegri has not even seen him in photography, having left in 2011, even before Conte. Next. The only one in silence, despite being the one who would have more to say, is Dybala: the only one who cried at the farewell. The others don’t. Right or wrong, they could have spoken earlier. Repentance always has the unpleasant aftertaste of convenience.

    Starting with De Ligt

    De Ligt began the joust once he left, explaining several times, with suspicious insistence, how little was trained at Juve, the tactics were only defensive and the ambitions not up to par. The feeling is that the Dutchman, anything but a fool, has identified some serious problems of Juve. Not that it takes a genius to guess them, seeing certain departures. But someone who has become Ajax captain almost a minor says these things in the team and for the team, at the risk of arguing with the coach. Not after. See Bonucci: in exchange for an uncomfortable opinion he saw how “uncomfortable” a stool can be, but it is this surplus of personality that makes him credible and a leader. The fact that De Ligt does not even play with Nagelsmann in Bayern and with Van Gaal in the Netherlands, at least in the early days, casts a shadow on his actual potential which, perhaps, needs a reassuring Ajax-like dimension to exalt himself. Juve did not see that De Ligt and Allegri, Pirlo and Sarri can be attributed at most a concurrence of faults. But letting his words slip over him would be a grave mistake. Moreover, they are not far from Ronaldo’s mocking gestures at the time of the first Allegri, and they sound similar to the pebbles that Zakaria took off after being sent as a package to Chelsea: “The style of play was not for me, the team played very low, with Allegri I did not speak “… In his case it is as if Juve had not had clear ideas about the type of player at the time of buying him.

    The encirclement

    But that’s not all. Ramsey, the ghost of Arsenal’s delightful playmaker, stressed that the preparation should have been better. He understands it. Kulusevski is more polite who could have a future as a diplomat for how he said, without ever saying it, that “being coached by Conte is another thing”. Now the last (?) Chapter of the Joy is written by Sissoko: if there are no results, it is better to change technician. What an encirclement. A bit unpleasant even towards a coach, Allegri, who is not immune from blame. At one time he was the great manager, the creative, the one of the “happy”. Today there is a bit of prevention, and not even his locker room has to be very compact. But the best answer to certain insinuations can only be given by Allegri. From Sunday. With a Juve, forgive us, totally different from the one seen up to now. And if any player who is not yet an “ex” sees it as the ex would do better to say it immediately, otherwise we will think that he agrees with the coach. Until the severance pay, at least.