Jussi Markkanen takes over the management of the SM league

Jussi Markkanen will join Etelä Saimaa as sports director of the SM league in August.

Jussi Markkanen is the new sports director of the SM league. Mikko Lieri / AOP

CEO of SaiPa Jussi Markkanen48, takes over as sports director of the SM League, reports South Saimaa.

According to ES, Markkanen’s transfer is quick and the initiative to hire came from the SM league. Markkanen will start in his new position after the notice period in August.

Earlier in May, Markkanen switched from the role of CEO of SaiPa to the club’s sports director. Markkanen managed both washes at the same time after the corona season, but SaiPa announced at the beginning of May that it had hired a new CEO Jani Valkeapää.

According to information from ES, SaiPa intends to quickly hire a new sports director.

In May, the chairman of the board of KooKoo was elected as the managing director of the SM league Mikko Pulkkinen. He replaces in the task Kati Kivimäkiwho resigned from his employer.

The chairman of the SM league is the chairman of the board of Vaasan Sport Heikki Hiltunen.

Markkanen is a co-owner of SaiPa. He served as the club’s CEO for a total of five years.

SaiPa remained the jumbo of the entire series this season.