Johan Derksen thinks it is “sin” that the Public Prosecution Service of The Hague is going to investigate whether his liquidation comment about Thierry Baudet was a punishable statement. “It is a shame that the Public Prosecution Service is going to look at this kind of nonsense while such piles of lawsuits from serious cases have been lying around for half a year,” Derksen responded Friday evening at the beginning of the episode of Today Inside.

    Derksen said on Wednesday in the broadcast of the SBS6 talk show that he thought the Forum for Democracy leader should be liquidated. Although he said immediately afterwards that it was a slip of the tongue, Baudet let it be known that he was preparing a report against the former football player. The Public Prosecution Service confirmed on Friday that the matter is being investigated and that, as a result of the investigation, the politician will be informed whether it makes sense to report it.

    ‘Just for the stage’

    Derksen does not seem to be concerned about the investigation. “They only look away,” he said Friday evening. The former footballer also thinks that the Public Prosecution Service is only doing the investigation “for the stage” and to make it “interesting”. He added that the Public Prosecution Service should give Baudet “a twist on his ears”.