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Emotional dependency is a form of relationship in which a person feels unable to function without the presence and support of another person. It can arise in any relationship, be it friendship, partner, work, etc.

Generally, there is a persistent pattern of unsatisfied emotional needs that they try to cover in a maladaptive way with other people. Therefore, it is an extreme affective need towards the other; In a similar way that a drug addict needs his dose yes or yes, the dependent person needs the person on whom he depends and it is that in emotional dependence similar mechanisms of positive reinforcement operate as in other addictions, which end up generating almost uncontrollable psychological dependence in the subject.

Some symptoms:

_ Exaggerated separation anxiety. You know the expression “If he leaves me, I’ll die”? He doesn’t even contemplate the possibility that the relationship could end; it doesn’t even occur to him.

_Making plans constantly because you cannot enjoy or be happy if it is not through the other


_Excessive fixation to maintain constant contact with the person, which manifests itself as an urgency and an irresistible desire.

_Be in constant contact with your partner and be aware of their location and who they are with at all times.

_ Showing excessive affection, constantly striving for approval and often giving extravagant gifts.

_The dependent person idolizes his partner to the point that he cannot see anything wrong with him; they are revered as if they were a god or other superior being.

_Overestimate your partner’s strengths while underestimating your own.

_ Dependent on the economy and home. Dependent people often depend on other levels as well, such as responsibilities at home or at the workplace.

Tips to get out of emotional dependency:

_Acknowledge the problem.

_ Accept uncertainty. The fear of being alone many times only generates more pain.

_Learn to say “no”. In a respectful way with others, but also with yourself.

_Reinforce your self-esteem.

_Learn to be alone.

_Question your own beliefs about love, relationships, personal relationships, about loneliness or being single. A change in mindset can make you more independent.

_Cultivate your social life.

_He resorts to psychological help.

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