San Siro sold out: 43,000 tickets sold in 7 hours to see City-Inter on the big screen

Nerazzurri fans stormed the Vivaticket website to buy entry tickets. Virtual queue of at least one hour throughout the day

Forty-three thousand tickets sold in seven hours. San Siro, specially opened by Inter to allow Nerazzurri fans who are not going to Istanbul to watch the Champions League final together on the big screen, is already sold out on Saturday. The vivaticket site, which managed the sale of coupons, had a virtual queue of at least an hour all day today. The sale of tickets for the Meazza opened this morning at 10 and for a few hours there was the pre-emption reserved for season-ticket holders and Inter Club members. From 16 the free sale began until seats were sold out, which happened shortly after 17.


The match will be visible on a maxi screen of 400 square meters positioned on the first orange ring and the fans will be able to sit on the rings in the red sector, on the lawn and in the green and blue segments adjacent to the red. The gates will open at 7 pm and the pre-match will be enlivened by the entertainment of Radio 105.