Janine Abbring, one of the victims of De Wereld Draait Door, explodes at one of her colleagues at the NPO. She thinks that presenter Astrid de Jong portrays her as a ‘snowflake‘.

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    The misconduct of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and his horror assistant Dieuwke Wynia on the editors of their then talk show De Wereld Draait Door continues to occupy the minds. Celebrities who worked for the program in the early days of their career are also heard, including Janine Abbring.

    Jane is angry

    Janine is now a celebrated editor-in-chief of De Avondshow with Arjen Lubach and known to the general public as a presenter of Zomergasten, but more than ten years ago she could still be seen as a reporter in De Wereld Draait Door. And she confirms that things were so terrible there that she resigned at the time.

    Janine is therefore disappointed that some NPO colleagues are trivializing the situation in such a way. One of them is radio DJ Astrid de Jong, known from the NPO Radio 1 program Nachtzuster. That show will be broadcast by Jan Slagter’s Omroep MAX, who seizes every stage to step into the breach for Matthijs and Frans Klein.

    Laugh hard

    Astrid claims in a message on Twitter that she just has to laugh when a higher-ranking colleague starts screaming, suggesting that the DWDD editors were very overwrought.

    She writes about the riot around Matthijs: “I am (as an experienced editor who usually had to laugh out loud when someone started screaming, sorry) in a gray area with this story. I’ve also been through a lot of really bad editors. Seems like a really bad hiring and guidance policy to me…”


    Janine has the feeling that Astrid is now dismissing her as a ‘snowflake’, a snowflake that can’t take anything. “By claiming ‘that you would just laugh if someone yelled at you’ and ‘that there are also a lot of bad editors’, you paint about 50 men as incapable snowflakes. including me.”

    She continues: “Because yes, I resigned, but I also had two years of yelling at me. Or maybe not so much being yelled at for 2 years, but watching others being yelled at. To think that you would ‘laugh’ in that situation is truly grotesque overconfidence.”

    ‘I react strongly’

    Astrid: “That is not my intention. I laughed when there was yelling in one instance. Think there are many more variables apart from the screaming. And situations. What I experienced at DWDD was especially strange. But you are right that I actually have no insight into that editorial.”

    Janine: “Sorry Astrid, I react very strongly, because it is precisely these kinds of reactions that are the reason why people did not dare to open their mouths or speak to the press; we knew the “it’s up to you, this is part of it” tune. No one wants to be known as an oversensitive poser.”


    The Twitter disagreement between the NPO ladies: