Jan Slagter, the 68-year-old boss of Omroep MAX, is stunned about a request he received from RTL Boulevard. The show section wants to come and film his first swimming lesson.

    © Roland J Reinders / MAX

    It was in the summer big news to the show media: broadcaster Jan Slagter almost drowned after falling from the scaffolding in Loosdrecht. He went completely under and saw everything green before him. “I can not swim. It happened in a flash of a few seconds,” he revealed in his podcast with Cisca Dresselhuys.

    John almost dead?

    Now, after the summer break, Jan comes into his podcast back to that fuss in the show media. “They made it a little worse than it was. It was indeed very scary and I could have drowned, but it was written: ‘Jan Slagter knocked overboard.’ You know, all that sort of thing. I was not on a boat at all, I was on a jetty.”

    It’s not that he nearly died, says Jan. “I did get in the water, but it was made even bigger than it actually was. I haven’t had any swimming lessons yet, but I did have contact with a swimming teacher here in Laren.”

    No to Boulevard

    When is that first swimming lesson coming up? “That swimming teacher went on holiday and she would tell me one of these days give me a call so I can get my first private swimming lesson, so when she hears – I don’t know if she’s listening – call me. I really want to do it.”

    In any case, there will be no camera crew. “RTL Boulevard still called: ‘Can we be at the first swimming lesson?’ Well… I said, ‘What were you thinking? I didn’t think so.’ Anyway, that swimming lesson is coming up and I think I will have finished my first swimming lesson within the next two weeks.”