“It can be really scary”

The member of the super popular Spice Girls group revealed that he still stutters when the situation happens.

Mel B says she started stuttering as a child. It was triggered by the separation of parents. PDO

Spice Girls’ Mel B, 48, went through her parents’ divorce as a child. He revealed a few years ago how he started stuttering around the same time.

To get the difficult words out, Mel says she slapped her own knee. However, the stuttering did not end in his childhood. Mel B says she might still stutter when she gets excited.

He gave an interview for the Daily Mailin which he talks about his trouble.

– Stuttering can be really debilitating and undermine self-confidence, as in my case. It still hits occasionally when I accelerate.

The Spice Girls were one of the most successful bands of the 1990s. PDO

Mel B says that she often has a lot to say, but the possibility of stuttering can make her afraid to communicate.

– I remember how frustrating it was as a child. Something was thought of that, but all that could come out was a mixture of the beginning of words or the end of one word. It can be really scary.

Important mornings

To prepare for the new day, the musician says he does meditation and breathing exercises every morning.

– It is surprising how much it helps to prepare mentally and physically for everything that will happen during the day.

The Spice Girls star isn’t the only public figure to have spoken publicly about her stammer. Among others, Actresses Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts and Bruce Willismusician Elvis Presley and politicians from the current US President Joe Biden to the former British Prime Minister to Winston Churchill have suffered from stuttering.

Mel B was seen on the talk show This Morning last year. PDO