From the BZ editorial team

    Israeli forces have killed a senior member of the Palestinian terrorist group Islamic Jihad in air strikes in the northern Gaza Strip.

    The terrorist group itself confirmed that jihad leader Tayseer al-Jabari died in the attack. The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed his death, citing security sources.

    Before the airstrike on Friday, the Israeli military had already attacked several targets in the coastal strip, following threats of “Islamic Jihad”.

    ︎ The Israeli broadcaster Channel 12, citing the military, reported that 15 terrorists had been killed in the operation.

    According to Palestinian sources, at least eight people were killed in the attacks, including a five-year-old child, and at least 55 people were injured.

    The “Islamic Jihad” announced retaliatory measures, there will be no red lines. Tel Aviv should expect attacks.

    At least two missiles intercepted

    On Friday evening, the Israeli television station Kann News showed how at least two rockets from the direction of the Gaza Strip were intercepted by the Israeli Iron Dome. Sirens can be heard in central and southern Israel.

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    Israeli journalists reported the sound of explosions in Tel Aviv.

    Jihadi leader arrested in West Bank

    On Monday, West Bank jihadi leader Bassem Saadi was arrested during an Israeli anti-terrorist operation. A 17-year-old member of the terrorist group was killed during the arrest.

    The organisation’s military arm, Saraja al-Quds, then threatened to attack. The jihad is closely linked to Israel’s archenemy Iran and regularly carries out rocket attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip.

    Since then, Israel has closed all crossings into Gaza and some surrounding roads. Reason: fear of acts of revenge.

    In 2019, Israel had already specifically killed jihadi military chief Baha Abu al-Ata. This was followed at the time by massive rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip on Israeli locations and counterattacks by the Israeli Air Force in the coastal strip.