“Is it her show or is it Linda?”

Chantal Janzen is banned from the top 15 for the second week in a row by the viewer. What’s the problem: is her format Beat the Champions jaded or is it Linda de Mol?


They face each other on Sunday evening: Chantal Janzen, who has far too many flops to call herself TV queen, and Linda de Mol, who has fallen from her throne. Their programs Beat the Champions (RTL 4) and Miljoenenjacht (SBS 6) are opposite each other and so far it is 0-3.

Into trouble?

For the second week in a row, Chantal did not manage to conquer a spot in the viewing figure top 15 with her program yesterday. She attracted 561 thousand viewers (10 percent), where Linda had 1.4 million (24 percent). The big question is: why does this happen? Are the viewers a bit fed up with Beat the Champions or is the competition with Miljoenenjacht just too tough?

Tina Nijkamp wonders. The ratings prophet points it out Instagram on that Miljoenenjacht only has two episodes left. “If Chantal still scores poorly in three weeks, then this format is really in trouble.”

Wendy does score

If the scores don’t pick up, it could just be the last season of Beat the Champions. According to Tina, the scores in the commercial target group are not good either. According to her, it has a market share of 14 percent, well below the channel average.

Thanks to Linda’s good score, Wendy van Dijk also managed to achieve good results. Her show Wie van de Drie attracted 928 thousand viewers (20 percent), while RTL 4 with Humberto on Zondag only scored 488 thousand viewers (12 percent).

Painful for John

Tina notes that Linda and Wendy’s high scores are also a bit painful for John de Mol. “I think it would be very difficult for John de Mol to see if other studio shows from other producers DO score well on his own channel. Does it make it even more painful, because it is possible.”

NPO 1 managed to score 954 thousand viewers (16 percent) with De Nieuwe Vermeer and 871 thousand (19 percent) with Het Echt Leven in de Dieren. The expensive drama series Arcadia started on NPO 3 with 536 thousand viewers (9 percent).

Viewing figures

The viewing figures of Sunday, March 19, 2023 (SKO):

Top 15

Market shares (18-24h, 6+)

01. Journal 20:00 (NPO1) 2,232,00001. NPO1 / 25.6%
02. Studio Sport Eredivisie (NPO1) 1,875,00002. SBS6 / 19.5%
03. Million Hunt (SBS6) 1,370,00003. RTL4 / 11.7%
04. The New Vermeer (NPO1) 954,00004. NPO2 / 7.8%
05. Who of Three (SBS6) 928,00005. NPO3 / 4.4%
06. Motorsport F1 GP (NPO1) 926,00006. Vero / 4.0%
07. Real life in the zoo (NPO1) 871,00007.ESPN / 3.5%
08. Along the New Silk Road (NPO2) 832,00008.NET5 / 2.9%
09. Ajax – Feyenoord (ESPN2) 789,00009. RTL5 / 2.5%
10. Half past seven news (RTL4) 760,00010. RTL7 / 1.9%
11. Nieuwsuur (NPO2) 608,00011. Ziggo / 1.9%
12. vtwonen (SBS6) 607,00012. RTL8 / 1.4%
13. Studio Sport (NPO1) 590,00013. BBC / 1.1%
14. Buitenhof (NPO1) 590,00014. Paramount / 1.0%
15. Studio Football (NPO1) 583,00015. ESPN3 / 0.8%

Market shares per channel group (18-24h, 6+)

More viewing figures at:

01. Public Broadcasting 37.8%
02. Talpa TV 26.6%
03. RTL Netherlands 17.9%

Programs that did not make the top 15 include Hart van Nederland (565 thousand), WNL op Zondag (530 thousand), RTL Boulevard (527 thousand), Shownieuws (473 thousand) and Ivo op Zondag (456 thousand).