Influencer Joery Schenkers visited the Oscar Romero in Hoorn today to provide information about, among other things, gun ownership. It concerns the school where student Dani (14) was stabbed by a 16-year-old boy at the end of last month. He later died of his injuries. Schenkers’ visit was set up in collaboration with 0229 Youth Work.

    A total of twenty classes today received an information lesson from the influencer, who has 117 thousand followers on Instagram. The six hundred students not only learned about the consequences of gun ownership, but also how to deal with social media.

    “Joery is ‘hot’ among the students,” says team coordinator and youth worker Jerrol Lashley. “This is a method that we have already tested at another school. That visit was very successful and well received by the students.” That is why, in consultation with the Oscar Romero, a presentation by Joery was also chosen here.

    From criminal record to juvenile detention

    For example, the students have been told what could happen if you are caught with a weapon, that you can get a criminal record as a result, and perhaps a Halt sentence or even juvenile detention. And that it can be difficult to obtain a Declaration on Behavior (VOG).

    The flag is half-mast – NH News / Michiel Baas

    Support coordinator of the Oscar Romero Joris Lemckert emphasized that this was only a small part of the presentation, which further discussed the dangers of social media use. According to him, such information sessions on countless subjects regularly take place at the school. The section on weapons has been included in this information in response to the incident.

    Not scared or angry, just sad

    According to the support coordinator, the atmosphere at the secondary school is ‘good’. “The students are not afraid of not feeling safe anymore, but they are sad and impressed by what happened,” says Lemckert.

    He also does not see feelings of anger: “In the beginning there was some indignation, but since Friday’s silent march that has clearly been channeled. The feeling of ‘this is not okay, this should not happen’ has been expressed nicely in a silent protest. That has ensured that something has been closed.”

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