15 years ago, the Spanish fashion group Inditex entered into an agreement with the global union federation IndustriAll to improve the working conditions of workers along the supply chain. According to the two partners, three million workers worldwide have benefited from their Global Framework Agreement (GFA).

    To celebrate the milestone, the two parties have signed a new protocol, reaffirming their commitment to remain committed to the welfare of workers. Concretely, it aims to promote social dialogue by strengthening the Global Unions Committee and its coordinating bodies and, in particular, introducing new mechanisms to strengthen the role of local unions and achieve a better understanding of the needs of garment workers.

    “Signing the GFA with Inditex was a breakthrough that has since paved the way for more responsible sourcing and proper labor relations in the sector. It is fitting that we celebrate the first 15 years by signing a protocol that takes our relationship to a new level in terms of respect for fundamental trade union rights. The fact that we have agreed with Inditex to strengthen the role of our local and national unions and to vigorously defend their right to organize and bargain collectively in the supply chains gives hope to many,” commented IndustriAll General Secretary Atle Høie in a statement .

    Inditex and IndustriAll renew commitment to employees

    Inditex and IndustriAll also intend to establish a joint work plan as part of the new protocol, which will focus on continued respect for freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, as well as providing training for workers’ representatives, the textile group’s suppliers and workers in the supply chain focused.

    They are also working on a “Workplace Access Protocol” that aims to shed light on and monitor working conditions in factories in the Inditex supply chain in order to understand and respond to workers’ needs.

    “The protocol signed today to mark the 15th anniversary of the Framework Agreement between Inditex and IndustriAll demonstrates our determination to strengthen respect for fundamental labor rights throughout our production chain and marks a new milestone in both organisations’ ongoing mission to improve the lives of women and men who are part of it,” said Inditex CEO Óscar García Maceiras on the day of the signing, October 3, 2022.