Last week, the police deployed a special sniffer dog near Amsterdam Central Station. It led to a suspect being arrested for drug possession.

    Almost all dogs that work for the police are Dutch or Malinois Shepherds. This time it was a Cocker Spaniel, a dog that is a lot smaller and does not look aggressive. The dog therefore did not stand out as a police dog.

    Transportation of drugs

    “Subversion has many faces, but last week we were only concerned with the transport of drugs,” the police write Instagram. “And this special sniffer dog, Tukker, helped us with that! Tukker can smell very quickly and very clearly whether someone has drugs with him. And that was so handy!”

    The suspect, who had stored drugs in a bag, will soon have to answer to court. The Cocker Spaniel is perhaps used more often in the inner city.


    Cocker Spaniels are also used as a sniffer dog in other places. Customs dog handlers, for example, sometimes work with these types of dogs. The dogs were originally bred as hunting dogs, are good at following scent and have a lot of energy.

    The photo shows that the dog was also on the ferry: