In protest, a contrast program to the World Cup in Qatar

By Isabel Pancake

The German national team will fight against Spain on Sunday evening for a place in the round of 16. But many Berliners don’t want anything to do with the Desert World Cup!

The Ratibortheater (Curvystraße 20A) in Kreuzberg therefore offers an alternative programme. There have always been cultural events for the major football tournaments – since the 1990s.

“Otherwise, of course, we never scheduled our performances during the German team’s season,” says initiator Christoph Jungmann (60). And further: “This time we’re going to do it the other way around!”

The reason: the human rights violations in the host country Qatar.

Last meeting before the big performance in the Ratibortheater

Last meeting before the big performance in the Ratibortheater Photo: Charles Yunck

During the game against Spain, “The Gorillas” therefore performed their improv show “Theatar instead of Qatar”. Next time on Thursday at the game against Costa Rica. Then it should even go to football.

“We want to do something positive so that you can have something nice alternative when the games are on TV,” said Jungmann. In addition, the group wanted to prevent themselves from watching the games with their performances.

And: At the exit, the Ratibortheater collects donations for the human rights organization “Amnesty International”.

In contrast, the national team’s game against Spain took place in the football bar “Tante Käthe” in Mitte from 8 p.m. And there you could also find cheering fans in Germany jerseys. Like Frank M. (43) from Mitte and Andreas N. (50) from Lichtenberg. “We just want to watch football,” they say.

Cheered on the national team in the

Cheered on the national team in the “Tante Käthe” bar: Frank M. (43) and Andreas N. (50) don’t want to miss a World Cup game Photo: Olaf Selchow

But they also notice: “There are fewer people than at the last tournaments. There was simply more going on in the beer gardens – now there is hardly any atmosphere.”

“Theater instead of Qatar” will be back on December 1st and 13th. and 14.12. each at 8.30 p.m. Entry costs five euros.