Imca Marina from Zuidbroek with spicy dress and pink boa in video clip with Daan Boom. ‘Je m’appelle Imca’

Singer Imca Marina, born in Zuidbroek, makes a song with musician and program maker Daan Boom. On Wednesday she was in his KRO / NCRV program Record store.

Every episode of the program Daan Boom makes a song and video clip with a well-known Dutch musician or band. Last week the Drenthe band Mooi Waark was in the program.

‘Je m’appelle Imca’

In a conversation with the program makers, Marina (real name: Hindrikje Imca Bijl) says that she speaks French well. It is therefore decided to make a partly French-language number: Vive la France.

In the clip, 81-year-old Imca Marina lies on a grand piano. She wears a sexy black dress and has a pink boa around her neck. “Je m’appelle Imca” (My name is Imca), sings the singer from Groningen. “Excuse me. Je chante pour toi” (Excuse me, I sing for you).

When the clip is shown, the singer is shocked. “Of course it has become a beautiful clip. I think I don’t look good myself.”


In 2001 Marina moved to Midwolda. She started the Vicarie on the Hoofdweg. The building was converted into a restaurant and wedding venue. Marina became a BABS (special officer of the civil registry) and was therefore also allowed to marry people in her Vicarie. In 2010 she went bankrupt and in 2016 the property was auctioned by the bank. It raised 415,000 euros.

Imca Marina now lives on Ameland. She is still active as a singer and counsels couples who want to divorce. In a interview with AD she says about this: “I can still remember the first ‘breakup party’ or ‘divorce party’. That was from a divorcing couple who wanted to explain to almost 150 guests – family, friends and other acquaintances – why they separated.”