This fixation for building monsters on the set, and seeking to horrify us on Sunday nights, deserves a clinical study more than television. I mean Iker Jimenez, who has said goodbye to his 17th season of ‘Cuarto Milenio’ taking for a walk, once again, one of those monstrosities that he likes so much.

    I already warned you last June 22 that Iker he had bought the book on neonatal aberrations by Ambroise Pare, edited by Siruela in 1993, and he enjoys making himself build cardboard and papier-mâché replicas of the monstrous little drawings that appear there. On this occasion, the program has begun by showing us the horrific case of the man with two heads, one in the womb, apparently dating from the fifteenth century. It has no greater interest than being one of the many aberrations of nature that are kept in jars with formaldehyde in forensic institutes around the world.

    I do not know if Iker he has gone on vacation with the monster, not even if he will dare to take him down to the beach. I do not think so. It is more comfortable to put it in our homes through the television. The TV has these things: through the remote control we let creatures into our houses that, if they called the intercom, we would never let them in.

    THE MARQUESSE – Following Netflix’s announcement that on August 4 it will premiere a glorious documentary entitled ‘La Marquesa Tamara Falcó Preysler’, the humorist Dani Martinez He has gone ahead and interviewed him (Movistar Plus +). Since he belongs to a family full of celebrities, the humorist has been interested in what kind of family photo album they have Tamara and his mother at home. “We have the ‘Hello!’ bound »she said. No need to add more. He has all the reason. His whole life is there.

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    FIRE IN THE REST OF SPAIN! – Today I have to reprimand a little, with a lot of love, yes, to Ramon Pellicer. because in the ‘TN vespre’ on Sunday, after talking about the fires in Catalonia, he said: “And in the rest of Spain…”. oh! Fatal slip. To say ‘the rest of Spain’ is to consider that Catalonia forms part of the Spanish country, which, as everyone knows, is only a neighboring country.

    According to the procesista nomenclature that governs TV-3, in these cases it is always necessary to say: «And in the rest of the Peninsula». So there is no confusion, no danger.