“Breast cancer was diagnosed in me at a very early stage, I was very lucky. That feeling also prevailed after I heard the diagnosis and treatment: when this is over, I am very happy.

    After my mastectomy, a reconstruction was made with an implant. I have been happy with that for years. I had a plunging neckline and no one saw that one breast had ever been removed. But with retrospective effect I realize that I have always suffered from the implant.

    Life without a breast

    Muscle complaints, painful joints, forgetfulness; it went from bad to worse. I worked as a flight attendant and thought that flying too much was the culprit. Until I saw a broadcast of the consumer program two years ago Radar saw that examined the dangers of breast implants. My plastic surgeon took my concerns seriously and took it out. The alternative to an implant is a reconstruction with my own tissue, but first I wanted to find out if I could live without a breast.


    The new reconstruction never happened. From the moment I took off the bandage with my friend after removing the implant, I was relieved: I still felt like the same person. The implant was cold and hard. Now it immediately felt – even though there is nothing left – as my own.

    Thanks to the breast prosthesis from ProudBreast I can go through life symmetrically, that’s a wonderful product. Although I don’t always wear it – not even in the photo. I feel good in a beautiful, contoured bikini; it is hardly noticeable that I am missing a breast. It also doesn’t matter what you look like under your clothes. You are beautiful the way you are.”

    NienkeImage Petronellanitta

    July 14, 2022