A house on Weilustlaan in Breda was severely damaged after a car drove into it on Tuesday evening. A large part of the facade of the bungalow is completely gone. Three walls have been knocked down. “He didn’t drive normally fast.”

    The accident happened in a slight bend in the Bredasestraat. The driver of the car, a dark blue Opel, lost control of the wheel and crashed hard into the house.

    Residents were shaken, but police said they were not injured. They could leave the house through the back. The driver of the crashed car was taken to hospital for a check-up.

    “I had to slam on the brakes.”

    Kevin lives nearby and saw the accident happen right in front of him. “I just drove into the corner and saw headlights coming at me,” he tells Omroep Brabant. “I had to slam on the brakes. His mirrors came over my hood. Then he drove into the house. It looked like he was driving 150.”

    According to Kevin, the driver drives around the area more often. “He is known here as someone who drives way too fast through the street. The car is always parked behind the house where he has now entered,” says Kevin shocked.

    “If you ask me, there should be thresholds.”

    The driver would have tried to drive away after the accident. When that failed, he got out. Later he became unconscious.

    People often drive fast in the area, says Kevin. “And that on a 30-way. First there was a speedometer. But if you ask me, there should be speed bumps.”

    Photo: Perry Roovers/SQ Vision.
    Photo: Perry Roovers/SQ Vision.

    Photo: Perry Roovers/SQ Vision.
    Photo: Perry Roovers/SQ Vision.