“I don’t know what it’s like to do a TV show without anyone calling to censor us, cancel us or threaten us,” that’s how it started. Viviana Canosa the first broadcast of “Rebaño de aslotudos”, his new program that will be broadcast on social networks. In it, Canosa will have a team made up of Jorge Giacobbe, Juan Manuel Dragani, Ezequiel Spillman and Javier Lanari.

    Regarding the format of the program, Canosa announced that she hopes the program will be a space where she and her audience “feel absolutely free.” She also stated that she will no longer do the lengthy editorials that she used to do in “Live with you”, but that each program will ask a question to discuss with the other members of the program. He also stated that he is committed to a relaxed format.

    True to its disruptive style, the program had its usual questions against the government and the political and economic situation.

    The program will also have guest interviewees. On the first occasion they were the journalist and former Secretary of Intelligence Jorge “Tata” Yofreand the journalist, psychologist and novelist Federico Andahazi.

    Viviana Canosa with part of the “Flock of assholes” team.

    “Flock of assholes” is Canosa’s first project after his controversial departure from America Groupwhere he left after the businessman and owner of the group Daniel Villa prevented him from passing a video of an escrache to the then brand new Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa. Canosa claimed “censorship” and slammed the door, causing a sharp drop in the channel’s rating in that time slot: her program always achieved a rating of between 2 and 4 points.

    After leaving America, Canosa went through a difficult emotional crisis, and only appeared in a few live shows that he did through his Instagram account.

    Recently, Canosa told the program “The cornice” conducted by Luis Majulwhich in February would disembark in LN+. However, as he announced in the first broadcast of “Rebaño de assholes”, he urgently needed to have a space like his new streaming program.

    Canosa’s initiative is similar to the commitment made by other media figures, such as Alexander Fantino Y “Neuramedia”his show on Twitch, or the actor Nico Occhiato who launched his channel this year LuzuTV.

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