The controversy involving boxer “Canelo” Alvarez and Messi continues without interruption. After the poisonous posts, the Mexican apologized. But it doesn’t end there, because even “Iron” Mike Tyson enters the situation directly!

    The controversy involving Mexican boxer Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Leo Messi continues seamlessly. It all started when Canelo saw the video of the Albiceleste celebrating after the victory against Mexico, noticing that his national team shirt was on the ground and that Messi kicked it with his foot as he took off his boots. The boxer took his word for itu Twitter, threatening the Flea: “You must pray to God that you don’t meet me”. But many have tried to explain to him that Messi certainly had no intention of disrespecting Mexico. Then there were poisonous tweets against Aguero, Felipe Melo’s piqued response and, finally, the boxer’s apology.

    Tyson’s surgery

    Over here? Not at all. Adding fuel to the fire is another one that perhaps it is better not to anger, namely “Iron” Mike Tyson. The former US boxer, who in his career was the first heavyweight capable of unifying all the titles, entered straight leg (or perhaps it is better to say… with a fist under the chin?) in the controversy that seemed now come to an end. Speaking to BBO Sports, Tyson wanted to have a say about him. “There’s a guy called Canelo who threatened Messi. If he even touches him, I’ll have to get back in the ring.” A message that even the holder of the WBO, WBA, WBC, IBF, The Ring super middleweight world titles could take with a little fear.

    Nice curtain

    In the end, however, nothing will be done about it, if only because Iron Mike hasn’t fought officially since 2005, from the fight against Kevin McBride. And if it’s true that a few years ago he returned to being seen on the square for an exhibition, it’s unlikely that the Messi case will lead to a challenge with Canelo. However, the amusing curtain remains, demonstrating that the Flea is known and loved all over the world and that Tyson has not lost the desire to joke and to make similar outings within reach of the camera. Canelo, however, closed the matter and apologised. Will it also be for the threats of the former colleague? It’s not such a far-fetched hypothesis after all!