How to achieve true personal love?

The best gift you can give yourself is to love yourself unconditionally and deeply. How many of us at some point in life consider that we are not enough.

It seems as if the first investment in the world, social networks and the “collective unconscious” was to create in us a feeling of emptiness and lack of personal value.

Ideas that lead millions of people to seek the reward of momentary pleasure and that mandatory dopamine surge to feel “full”. Sometimes it is addiction to social networks, but it can lead to drugs and even death.

Millions of beautiful souls that, instead of shining, the world has been in charge of extinguishing that great potential.

There are those who, faced with friends who die from an overdose or those who lose their money and head in the casino, wake up and from that dark place, begin a change to show the world that they can “be somebody.”

They embark on a “journey” of years entering university to study for a great degree, then receiving a Masters to finally becoming a famous and successful entrepreneur who meets more famous and influential people.

At that moment they say…” look at me, I got it, now I’m really worth it”.

But a moment later he realizes that internally he feels exactly the same as before. It is that everything that she had changed happened on the outside, but not inside.

How many rich and successful businessmen change their lives to pursue coaching or use their wealth to create foundations to help others?

How many ask psychologists or yoga or meditation facilitators for help?

They realize that to win the external battle, they must conquer the internal one. That it all starts with a powerful appreciation and a deep and genuine personal love.

Our cells, tissues and the entire body, listen to what we think and believe about ourselves and no matter what we have achieved and how much money we have in the bank if we do not love each other we will never be happy.

Can we unconditionally love the parts of us that no one else would love?

The wounds, traumas, shadows and pain?

How to cultivate a personal love in a world that teaches otherwise?

Rabbi Gabriel Benayon

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