The old year was traditionally closed in Hoogeveen with oliebollen, carbide shooting and fireworks. It did not remain quiet everywhere in the municipality, but mostly everyone ushered in the new year festively.

    The police intervened in a fire on Wolfsbosstraat on New Year’s Eve. Young people had made a fire there with, among other things, car tires. Together with the fire brigade and the municipality’s clearing team, the police wanted to put an end to the fire. They were obstructed and pelted with heavy fireworks. Officers had to keep the group at a distance, allowing the fire brigade to extinguish the fire. A 16-year-old boy from Hoogeveen has been arrested for insult.

    Traditions and conviviality

    Many families and groups of friends were able to get together undisturbed for the first time this year. This was also noticeable by the fireworks and the music in the street. Lots of parties and people who didn’t know each other spontaneously became friends. This resulted in many beautiful pictures (see photos below). Cleaning up was of course also on the schedule. In the early morning in the Albert Steenbergenstraat, a whole container was already filled with fireworks residue.

    Shoot carbide

    After two years, the traditional Drents carbide shooting championship was finally held again at the football complex of HZVV. Several teams took their place on the carts and tried to shoot as far as possible. This edition i s won by the duo Middelveld/Broekman. They shot the balls from the milk churn a total of 728 meters. Just like two years ago, Jordy and Wilco finished second and reached 716 meters. Despite the bad weather, the eighteen duos fought fanatically for the prizes from the flat cart.

    New Year’s Dive

    On New Year’s Day, the annual New Year’s dive was organized at Schoonhoven. A large group of residents of the municipality gathered around 11 a.m. to enter the water together around 11:45 a.m. All swimmers received a Unox hat and that made it a funny sight when the whole group disappeared into the water. Together they all take a run and disappear into the water for a few seconds. Some stay in the water a little longer, but most quickly run back onto the beach after the dive. “It was not as cold as last time,” says Hans Breider. “It was really hard to swallow then, but due to the soft temperatures of the past few days, the water is really bearable,” he laughs.

    For some it has become a family tradition. “We actually come every year,” says the Brink family. “When the children were very small, we already went here with them. This year they were even more excited than we were,” laughs the father. After the dive, fire pits and hot cups of soup await the participants. With towels on and thick sweaters and socks on, these hot heads are sniffed away. Music can be heard and most people linger for a drink.