Hermes Ostend misses crucial points against Ghent

Hermes Ostend misses crucial points against Ghent

Hermes took the full loot on the previous match day from a direct competitor for the play-offs Charleroi and that ensures the necessary confidence in the coastal team. They started well and ran to 11-7. However, it was not possible to maintain that lead. Too many individual mistakes killed the Hermes ladies at the end of the first set: 20-25.

We got the same game picture in set two. Once again the home team got off to a good start and they were constantly ahead. Until Gent came back all the way and equalized 24-24. The second set ball was immediately the right one for competition leader Gent: 24-26.

Also in the third set the home team failed to hold on to the small lead. Same scenario, mistakes by the home team, Gent more alert in the end, with 21-25 as a result. Hermes loses 0-3, but there was clearly more in it.


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