Damar Hamlin is on the mend.

    Damar Hamlin is already able to communicate with doctors. ZUMAWIRE / MVPHOTOS

    Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin’s heart stopped after a hard tackle during Monday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The man was first revived on the field, after which he was rushed to the hospital. Now Hamlin has woken up.

    – Did we win? Hamlin immediately asked the doctors at the hospital.

    – Yes, you won the game of life, the doctor answered the NFL reporter Mike Garafolo by.

    Naturally, the match was stopped after a life-threatening situation.

    According to Garafolo, Hamlin communicates with doctors by writing because the man still has a breathing tube. The rear defender’s condition is still critical but stable.

    The doctors could not yet assess whether Hamlin can return to Yankee football.

    The Buffalo Bills also reported on the health of their player on Twitter. According to the club, Hamlin’s condition has improved incredibly over the past 24 hours.

    – Although he is still in critical condition, he seems to be neurologically fine. His lungs are on the mend and his recovery is progressing steadily.

    If Garafolo’s tweet doesn’t appear on your device, you can view it from here.

    If Buffalo’s tweet doesn’t appear on your device, you can view it from here.