09/30/2022 at 14:07


    The 31-year-old lives locked in a room without furniture so as not to injure himself because he ripped everything

    Carmen and Paco are living a nightmare. They have been waiting four years for a place in a residence for their 31-year-old son. He is autistic and has very violent outbreaks… so much so that his parents can no longer handle him. Over the years, the situation for this Manises family has worsened to the point that right now his son lives locked up in a room. After years of coexistence with a certain normality during which he even went to a day center, your son started to get more and more aggressive. “He didn’t want to go. And there came a time when we couldn’t take him. It started to break everythinga bite us, hit us”.

    Carmen and Paco’s words are harsh but they reflect the situation they are experiencing every day. Her house and her son’s room bear witness to how everything has changed as her 31-year-old son’s condition worsened. The house has no pictures, no mirrors, or anything that could break, because ripped the bathroom sink from rennetthrew a table out the window (“lucky no one passed by”—parents say), and the hallways are littered with stuffed animals.

    The young man now lives in a room without furniture. The air conditioner is “caged” as the previous one ripped it out of the wall and lives in a space with a bed without box spring and a portable sink where he relieves himself. You they throw the medication out the window.

    “Already we can’t anymorewe need you to work with him so that gain quality of life and be happy. We see that this lengthens and the ministry does not answer”. “Every time it has more strength and we less,” they fear. The feeling: helplessness. The feeling: sadness. “He hasn’t smiled for a long time, he doesn’t say anything anymore, he’s medicated and locked up,” they lament.