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    THW Kiel is currently rushing from victory to victory. After the Super Cup, four clear successes were achieved in the Bundesliga, and the “Zebras” also won the Champions League opener. The series is to be continued in the second premier class game tonight in Celje.

    The guest performance (6.45 p.m.) in Slovenian Styria is embedded in an away tour, which also includes the already successful appearance in Minden (6.34 p.m.) and the upcoming northern derby on Sunday at TSV Hannover-Burgdorf.

    The fact that they are currently on the road a lot and are almost constantly on the field does not seem to deter the THW professionals. “We’re always happy when we can play and don’t have to train,” said goalkeeper Niklas Landin with a smile. “There’s a lot of travel at the moment, but we also have a broad squad to be able to cope well with the strain.”

    Zarabec is looking forward to going home

    Miha Zarabec in particular can look forward to a special trip: The 30-year-old Slovenian, who has recovered from back problems, was born just 50 kilometers away from Celje and played for his country’s prestigious club from 2014 to 2017.

    But even then, the nimble playmaker knew it would only be a way station. “I’ve been watching the Bundesliga on TV since I was six,” he once said. “I was impressed by the large number of spectators. In Slovenia, the halls are only really full in the Champions League or when the national team plays.”

    Celje blatant outsider

    His ex-club sold well in the 32:36 defeat in Aalborg, but is just the blatant outsider next to Elverum in Season B. After a year’s abstinence from the European premier class, RK Celje returned with their 25th Slovenian title, but had to give up three top performers to Bundesliga teams.

    Almost two years ago, on October 1, 2020, THW competed with the Slovenian champions for the last time and won clearly with 35:24. However, due to Corona requirements, only 350 fans were able to attend this game. How will the atmosphere be this time? Niklas Landin doesn’t bother with this question: “We never go into a game thinking we can lose,” said the Dane, “we always want two points.”

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