Gym teacher Alkmaar school suspected of seducing underage student

A teacher at a secondary school in Alkmaar is said to have seduced an underage student. He will soon have to account for this in court. The gym teacher is no longer working at the school, the director told NH Nieuws.

Photo for illustration – Maaike Polder / NH News

In the summer of 2022, NH News received tips about ‘an investigation’ into a gym teacher at a secondary school in Alkmaar. He would have had contact with an underage student and was therefore ‘suspended’.

Due to the sensitivity of the case, we will not mention the name of the school. We also do not publish details about the alleged nature of the contact. We did, however, contact the police on 3 August last year and asked general questions.

A spokesperson said at the time that ‘a sex investigation is underway into a secondary school teacher within the Noord-Holland Noord unit’. Because of privacy they cannot say which school it is about.

“He Wasn’t at the Graduation Ceremony”

Pupil of the school about the teacher

We will also call the school in question that day. Their spokesperson initially denies in all tones that anything is going on. The alleged teacher in question hangs up when we call him with questions.

In the meantime, several sources around the school have independently said that something is indeed going on. “We haven’t seen the teacher at school lately either. He wasn’t at the graduation ceremony. But everyone at school knows it,” said a student.

Then we ask the school again questions, whether a report has been made, whether an investigation is ongoing, whether a teacher has been suspended. The spokesman then says:

“Our response today remains the same as that of 3/8: To none of [naam school] has been reported, no one has been suspended, we are not aware of any police investigation, in short there is nothing of any news value. For that reason, we naturally expect NH Nieuws to in no way establish a relationship with our school/schools/umbrella in any publication.”

What the spokesperson says is partly correct, because after inquiry it appears that no report has indeed been made against the teacher. The public prosecutor has started the investigation himself.

In a general sense, this can already be done after a report to the police, for example if the victim and suspect know each other or if the willingness to report is low, as is sometimes the case in sex cases.

In October, a spokesman for the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee said after questions that they had taken over the sex investigation from the police and ‘the suspect has now been heard’. The investigation will be completed at the beginning of 2023 and the file will be sent to the Public Prosecution Service.

This afternoon, a spokesperson informed NH Nieuws that, based on the investigation findings, the public prosecutor has decided to prosecute the man for seducing a minor. He has to appear before the multiple criminal chamber next month.

New response from the school

The director of the school responds that he finds it ‘shocking’. “Justice apparently sees reason to prosecute the teacher.” The school has, he says, tried to act as best as possible in what he described as an ‘intensive moment’.

“We take this very seriously. When the student reported that something had happened, we immediately linked her to a confidential adviser.”

Several interviews were also held with the teacher. “The accused also has the right to protection and guidance. It was not clear to us whether it had happened. A separation was immediately created, so that there was no longer any contact (between the teacher and the student, ed.).”

The teacher and the school would have parted ways in good consultation. He would not say when exactly this decision was made – for example before or after the first telephone call from NH News.

“There are scratches on someone,” he says about the decision not to continue together. In their own words, at the time of our questions, they did not know that the police were investigating.

When asked why other parents were not informed, he says that ‘the people who had to know’ knew about it. “We will see whether the procedures are still good and whether adequate action has been taken. But I think so. In a situation like this there are only losers.”

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