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    The Catalan acknowledged that they did not play at the level expected of Manchester City, but he praised his tireless ‘9’

    “People know about Cruyff’s influence in my personal life and as a coach”, he pointed out

    Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, showered Erling Haaland with praise and admitted that the Norwegian’s goal reminded him of Johan Cruyff’s legendary goal against Atlétio de Madrid.

    Guardiola, in the match against Dortmund

    | @ManCity

    People know Cruyff’s influence on my personal life and as a coach. Years ago he scored a goal at the Camp Nou against Atlético very similar to the one Haaland has achieved today. At the moment of the goal I saw Cruyff”, pointed out the one from Santpedor

    Regarding the match against Dortmund, the Catalan recognized that it cost them a lot: “We played in the wrong gear. We are who we are. We can win or lose. In the last 35 minutes we have realized that we were losing. The substitutes have entered and have given a new rhythm. The Champions League doesn’t wait or forgive.”