Gran Canaria holidaymakers do not land at Eelde due to problems with the plane

Holidaymakers who would take a flight from tour operator TUI from Gran Canaria to Groningen Airport Eelde today, have to stay a day longer on the Spanish island. Problems with another aircraft are the cause of the delay.

That TUI plane hit the ground with its tail on take-off on Monday morning and therefore had to return to Schiphol. The pilot probably pulled up the aircraft too quickly. It is not clear what the damage is, reports RTV North.

A replacement aircraft later flew with passengers and luggage to Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria. Due to the delay, the aircraft was unable to return in time to Eelde airfield, which is no longer able to receive aircraft late at night.

The passengers are accommodated in hotels. As it seems now, the plane will still arrive at Eelde tomorrow around half past two.