Grab the sunscreen! This is the weather forecast for June in Zoetermeer

The wisteria is in full bloom in Zoetermeer, the first events have been held and the terraces are filling up. A great start to a new month! What is the weather forecast in June? Jaco van Wezel van WeatherOnline tells more about it.

Giving a weather forecast for a whole month remains difficult, but Jaco says that the prospects are not bad. Jaco: “The first half of June will probably be dry and sunny. Showers hardly reach Zoetermeer and the sun is shining brightly. So great weather! On days when the wind blows more from the east, it can easily reach 20 to 25 degrees.” That sounds like perfect temperatures for a drink on Stadhuisplein!

Jaco says that there is a major caveat to this: it is not yet clear from which direction the wind will blow, while this does determine the temperature. Jaco: “A fresh north wind or a warm east wind saves a coat!”

Rain in June

So if you want to have a drink in the Stadshart, it is best to do so at the beginning of June. In mid-June the weather changes according to Jaco. “As it looks now, Zoetermeer will have to deal with more showers in the second half of June. It is still difficult to estimate how much it will rain.”

UV radiation in Zoetermeer

Although it may rain in Zoetermeer, according to Jaco, there is high UV radiation for almost the entire month. So if you are going to take a refreshing dip at the Noord Aa, walk through the Balijbos or do something else fun, then according to Jaco you should always bring a tube of sunscreen!

Zoetermeer Weather

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