Giorgia Meloni and Pope Francis at the States General of the Natality

The Pontiff and the Prime Minister open the second and last day of the event dedicated to the birth rate

Pope Francis on one side, the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on the other. Thus began the last day of the third edition of the States General of the Natalitythe event organized by the Birth Foundation and the Forum of Family Associations at the Auditorium della Conciliazione, a stone’s throw from the Vatican.

The first day of the event saw artists such as Lorella Cuccarini and Massimiliano Ossini and politicians of the caliber of Matthew Salvini, Elly Schlein, Joseph Conte And Antonio Tajaniwhile today the day was opened by greetings from Giorgia Meloni and Pope Francis, both of whom took the stage for a brief speech.

The words of Pope Francis

The Pontiff addressed the question starting from the uncertainties about the future that increasingly characterize the younger generations: “The future does not seem uncertain, it is. In a context of uncertainties and fragility, the younger generations experience a feeling of precariousness for which tomorrow looks like a mountain to climb.”

The intervention of Pope Francis underlined the need for forward-looking policies on this front, explaining how it is necessary “to prepare fertile ground for a new spring to blossom and to leave this demographic winter behind us”. According to the Holy Father it is necessary change mindset: “The family is not part of the problem, but of its solution. So I ask myself: is there anyone who knows how to look ahead with the courage to bet on families, on children, on young people?”.

Giorgia Meloni’s speech

The President of the Council Giorgia Meloni he promptly reiterated how the government he has been leading for a few months is making a lot of effort on the birth rate front: “We have named a ministry after the birth rate, we have linked it to family and equal opportunities, it is not a choice of form but of substance. It is the synthesis of the program of a government that wants to face the great crises, among which the demographic one is undeniable”.

Among the objectives of this legislature, Meloni explained in his speech, there is a change of narration compared to the past: “We want to give back to Italians a country in which being fathers and mothers is a socially recognized value and not a private fact. A nation in which having a child is a beautiful thing, which takes nothing away from you and does not prevent you from anything and which it gives so much”.

Meloni also took the opportunity to reiterate the government’s position on a thorny issue that regularly returns to the center of public debate, the surrogacy: “We want a nation in which it is not a taboo to say that the birth rate is not for sale, that the uterus is not rented and children are not over-the-counter products that you can choose and then perhaps return”.