TO two years since the first season, up Netflix he arrives Ginny and Georgia 2. THE 10 new episodes of the series with Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry promise twists from the beginning to the grand finale. At the center of plotthe tumultuous relationship between mother and daughter, but also the relationships between the various characters.

    Ginny and Georgia 2the plot

    There second season begins where the first left off. Ginny (Antonia Gentry) returns homeafter running away with the little brother Austin (Diesel La Torraca). Georgia is officially engaged to Paul Randolph, running for mayor of Wellsbury. Preparations for the wedding are in full swing, but Ginny has to live with an atrocious doubt: Is Georgia a killer?

    Based on the information gathered so far, yes. How, then, to to accept that one’s mother is a murderess and to live with this burden? The reference goes to Kenny (Darryl Scheelar), Georgia’s husband poisoned by the same with aconite leaves. Throughout the episodes, Ginny discovers that her mother did it to protect her. What does it mean?

    Murders aside, the young protagonist has to deal with the paturnies of adolescence. First, her most trusted friends push her away. Maxine (Sara Waislgass) discovers the affair with her brother Marcus (Felix Mallard) and he doesn’t speak to her again. Out of solidarity they do the same Abby (Katie Douglas) and Norah (Chelsea Clark). She is isolated, but she can count on Marcus. It is the beginning of a strong, important relationship, in which there will be ups and downs. It is the meeting of two fragile souls who understand each other at first glance.

    Antonia Gentry and Felix Mallard are Ginny and Marcus. (Netflix)

    Ginny goes to therapy, Georgia is marrying Paul

    Meanwhile the relationship with her father Zion (Nathan Mitchell) improves and he will be the one to stay close to her in the most difficult moments. From episodes of self harmwhich he tries to put a stop to by convincing her to go to therapy. For Ginny it is the beginning of a new path, which will lead her to be more aware.

    She proves it at school, when she isn’t afraid to face the racist teacher, or her ex-friends, who are determined to ignore her without providing explanations. Mostly, takes a step forward in the relationship with Georgia. Try to understand it, but it is often impossible to succeed. Not only for the weight she has to carry, but for the surprises that her mother constantly reserves.

    At this point she is the mayor’s future wife, but rather than stand by and start working together, not without attracting the suspicions of colleagues. However, the woman has seven lives like cats and she always manages to resurrect like a phoenix. Despite her skill at burying corpses and misdeeds, the past comes knocking again.

    Georgia Miller’s old life emerges bit by bit, until the puzzle is complete. And today’s one is in danger of crumbling. To find out, however, what happens and how it ends Ginny and Georgia 2 you have to wait for the grand finale. And if you are curious about further developments, you will have to wait for thethird season release.

    Nathan Mitchell plays Zion, Ginny’s father. Pictured, with Brianne Howey. (Netflix)

    Ginny and Georgia 2review

    Compared to the first season, the series created by Sarah Lampert takes many steps forward. The component thriller goes hand in hand with the drama and, episode after episode, it takes shape a new portrait of the protagonists, even more multifaceted. On the one hand, Ginny tries to navigate the jungle of adolescence in a context that requires adult strength and maturity.

    On the other, Georgia has to come to terms with the past and with emotions frozen for too long. Is she an unscrupulous woman or is she a victim of adverse life circumstances? Certainly, she is a young, inexperienced mother, forced to clarify within herself and perhaps once and for all to throw off the mask.

    In a sense, Ginny and Georgia are two sides of the same coin. They argue fiercely, but in the end they are each other’s safe haven. In spite of everything. And it is precisely this that worries the first. Is she a potential killer like her mother? Meanwhile the narrative opens to the intertwining of the other characters and between these and the protagonists.

    Scott Porter and Brianne Howey, Mayor Paul Randolph and Georgia, respectively. (Netflix)

    Is Georgia victim or perpetrator?

    Attention always remains focused on Ginny and Georgia, but their stay in Wellsbury means that both carve out their place in the city structure. Ginny makes new friends and so does Georgia. Only with two different methods. The first in a canonical way, the second with the usual subterfuges.

    Despite the mask, can count on Ellen Baker (Jennifer Robertson), the neighbor, mother of Maxine and Marcus. Moreover, history with Paul forces her to make choices and to understand that it is possible to lay the foundations for a solid future only if one is transparent. And Georgia is not at all.

    Ginny and Georgia 2 it has the advantage of broadening the narrative, so that the characters acquire more nuances. There is not only the resolution of a thousand mysteries, but also the desire to read the mind of Georgia and find the answers to his countless reprehensible deeds. And when these arrive, we are faced with not just a dilemma: is he victim or perpetrator?

    Added to this are the stories of the rest of the cast. Each character has a growth path, who due to unexpected events who following a disappointment. Everyone evolves and is taking shape in this general osmosis an even more multifaceted picture, but more colorful than the first season. Recommended for those who love thriller dramas, with a touch of romance.