The GGD Brabant-Zuidoost will open a new vaccination location on Antoon Coolenlaan in Eindhoven in mid-October. The new location will soon be able to receive about 2500 visitors per day. There is already a COVID test location on the same site.

    Almost at the same time as the opening of the new location, the GGD will close the current vaccination site at Fellenoord. From that moment on, people can arrange an appointment at Antoon Coolenlaan. It is not possible to schedule a vaccination at the new location earlier.

    The exact start date of the new location of the injection site is not yet clear. “We had been looking for a new vaccination location in Eindhoven for a while that offers us more capacity, is easily accessible and has sufficient parking space. In the end, we decided to build a new vaccination pavilion on Antoon Coolenlaan,” explains Ellis Jeurissen of GGD Brabant-Zuidoost.

    In combination with the capacity at the XL location in Helmond, the GGD Brabant-Zuidoost is significantly expanding the vaccination capacity in the region with the new location. “When the call comes at the end of October for all residents under the age of sixty to be vaccinated for the repeat shot, we are ready for that,” says Jeurissen. The vaccination pavilion will be built ‘winter-proof’, an important requirement for the new location. In the past, bad weather was sometimes a reason to temporarily stop vaccination.