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Gavin Rozario broke off his short-lived engagement to Gordon because he couldn’t handle the mood swings of the singer and presenter. “One moment he praises you completely, the next he completely breaks you down and insults you to the bone,” Rozario tells his story once in a while. Privately.

Rozario says, among other things, that Gordon “went completely crazy” when he fell asleep watching the film The Wizard of Oz. It was probably jet lag. I always think it’s sweet when someone falls asleep relaxed next to you, but he went completely crazy. Whether I was ‘right in my head’. I had ‘wrong energy’ or at least ‘mental problems’. In retrospect, that was the first red flag, an alarm bell that went off.”

Even during later moments, the mood sometimes suddenly changed, Rozario continues. In addition, Gordon is “extremely jealous and suspicious.” That eventually led to the final break. Rozario went for a drink with a friend in Melbourne but had to be ‘reachable at any time’. ,,On the way back I left my phone in the taxi, which I could pick up somewhere at ten o’clock the next morning. When I turned it on, Gordon had 123 missed messages, 26 missed calls, five Instagram notifications, three texts, and one email. All unkind. When I said something about that, he sent: ‘Fuck you, good luck with your life’. To that I said, ‘Okay, I’m going to do that.’”

According to Rozario, the marriage proposal also went differently than Gordon revealed. It was Gordon’s idea to get married, not Rozario’s. “He asked me if I wanted to propose to him in a romantic setting. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to marry him too. Sure, it was all fast and a lot, but when he’s fun, he’s really, really fun. For him it was a kind of sensation. It had to look like I was going to ask him.”

Mentally broken

Earlier this week, Gordon said he was “emotionally and mentally broken.” “No longer having any contact after four months day in and day out is like someone dying,” he wrote on Instagram with a photo of him on the plane, on his way to his family and friends in the Netherlands for support.

Gordon hopes to regain his strength in the Netherlands, he wrote. “I hope everyone will give me the time to recover. Love conquers all, especially love for yourself.’ He concluded with: ‘Carpe Diem.’

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