This game goes down in history as one of the wilder ones in the Bundesliga. After anthem scandal, pyro show, Müller slapstick and five Bayern slaps in the first half, there is a curious scene in front of the Eintracht fan curve at the start of the Bundesliga between Eintracht Frankfurt and FC Bayern.

    A fan from the east curve runs onto the field at half-time in the Bundesliga opener between Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayern Munich. So far, so unspectacular. But he can’t be slowed down by the surprised folders. And runs up close to the block of Eintracht Ultras. What happens then is just crazy.

    The Frankfurt supporters obviously feel provoked. A handful now also storms onto the square, in the direction of the runabout, which has now been checked out by the stewards. Apparently they want to get his hands on his laundry. The folders fend off the attack.

    Tempers were heated because of the first half

    But the scene is not over! Obviously there was a provocation, which the SGE fans, who had just calmed down, stormed back. But even now, the folders quickly get the situation under control.

    The mood was also heated because of the fatal first half of the SBU. The Frankfurters are mercilessly slapped by the Munich team and are 0:5 behind!