Futsal | Velasco: “Objective achieved and now, to rest for the final”

06/08/2023 at 00:34


The Barca coach highlighted that there were moments for each team after eliminating Inter in the ‘semis’ of the league

“We have plenty of time to recover our strength. It’s going to be a tough final,” stressed a satisfied Velasco

Barça is already in the grand final of the league thanks to its 2-4 victory at Movistar Inter’s court that allowed him to eliminate the people of Madrid on the fast track. Their rival in the fight to retain the title will be Jaén Paraíso Interior, although Jesús Velasco still did not know that the Jaén team had knocked out Mallorca Palma Futsal when he appeared before the press (the match had not yet finished).

“It was a much more even match than in the first leg, where I have the feeling that we were clearly superior. There was a lot of tension and both teams generated many chances. We were very good, dominating and arriving clearly at times, but there have been others in which Inter have been better. The two goalkeepers have been at a very good level. It has been a typical play-off game and We have known how to hold on to that advantage goal that we have scored just after their tie to go to the final suffering”, commented the Barcelona coach.

“Inter’s game is like that. We also play open, with many comings and goings and transitions. They have a similar game and it was clear that there would be many superiorities and inferiorities, with many endings. We have found what we expected, but with a Much better rival than in the first game. The goal is very small, the goalkeepers are very good and we won. It was a very even game and I think it was a good show. Objective accomplished and now, to recover and rest. we have plenty of time. It’s going to be a tough final”, indicated the Barça coach.

Moment for reflection after overcoming the first two rounds on the fast track when it seemed that they arrived with many doubts. “It is worth being studied by a sports psychologist, because if we take the last three days of the regular phase we would be the last. However, we have reached the play-off, we know what we are at stake and there things have changed despite physical problems.This Wednesday we lacked Ferrao and Sergio Lozano is injured, who are very important, but we have a great squad as we are showing. Yes we have taken a step forward in that sense and that is where experience, competitiveness and the knowledge that it is the last chance we have to enter Europe are at play. We have to do everything possible to take advantage of it,” Velasco said.

The Catalan Catela, before the mark of Eric Martel


“We are a team made to win. That’s it. We can’t think or be looking at what others say and we have to go our way. We are aware that we failed in the European Cup, especially for not reaching the Final Four. Everything went backwards for us and you can’t mortgage the entire season for what happened there either. We left the Spanish Cup on penalties against Inter and we have won the Copa del Rey and the Super Cup,” explained the Toledo native to defend everyone’s work.

“Now we are playing the league and We are very well placed to complete a very good season. It is clear that we would like to win everything, but the fact is that the rivals play and this is very difficult. There are a lot of very good people, all the teams work and anyone can beat you as we have been seeing all season”, concluded a moderately optimistic Jesús Velasco.