Magazine ‘Hello!’ carries on the cover story of disappointment love that is on everyone’s lips. the of Tamara Falco, who last Thursday, September 22, happily announced on Instagram that she was getting married; but on the weekend she saw how some videos of her boyfriend were leaked, Inigo Onieva, kissing another, allegedly three weeks earlier, at the latest edition of Burning Man, a musical macro-event held in the Nevada desert (United States). Although he denied it several times, he later admitted, via a statement, that yes, he had cheated on the Marchioness and publicly apologized.

    The rumors of infidelity on the part of the businessman of the night began from the beginning of the relationship, almost two years ago. Finally, they have been confirmed just when the daughter of Isabel Preysler showed her engagement ring: “a piece made of white gold, set with three pear-cut diamonds, 0.30 carats each,” the magazine describes.

    “In less than forty-eight hours, the Marchioness of Griñón passed from being in a cloud to being in a nightmarebeing able to confirm the suspicions of infidelity about her boyfriend”, continues the story of which, thanks to Tamara’s environment, new details have been known.

    📌 THE RING

    The original engagement ring was chosen by Íñigo with the help of his mother. According to the magazine, the businessman paid nearly 14,500 euros of his price.


    According to the magazine, the aristocrat received the images, on the same afternoon of Thursday the 22nd, in several chat groups with friends. They also reached Isabel Preysler from other sources. Finished ‘El hormiguero’, Tamara spoke with her boyfriend in search of answers. Íñigo denied emphatically, and she, in love with her, believed him.


    Tamara doubted whether or not to go to a wedding that she had planned for that afternoon [del viernes], on the outskirts of Madrid. She spoke to Íñigo again and went. She warned the couple that she would be accompanied by the businessman. According to ‘Hello!’, while Tamara was getting ready to go to the aforementioned wedding, she was ‘hacked’ his mobile phone. And not only that, since they shared the compromised video of Íñigo in their WhatsApp status. “She did not find out what happened until her team was able to notify her. Then Isabel Preysler’s daughter tried to delete the publication and, failing to do so, she had to delete the Whastsapp application from her mobile device. “. But his contacts had already seen the happy video, which Onieva claimed at the time was an old recording, from 2019. Impossible, music recently released on the market sounded on the recording and you see a set of lights that did not exist before covid .


    Since the final break, on Saturday, Tamara decides to move to her mother’s house, in Puerta de Hierro. Also, her sister Ana Boyer has flown from Qatar to be with her. She is also supported by her cousin Álvaro Castillejo Preysler, among others.


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    The magazine says that Íñigo does not know who is the person who has brought this infidelity to light (“the group of friends who accompanied him to ‘Burning Man’ was very, very small).” This situation has also left him in a complicated situation job level -he explains ‘Hello!’-. It should not be forgotten that, in addition to being a partner in a nightclub in Madrid and carrying significant weight in its public relations, Onieva works for Mabel Hospitality, a company owned by Abel Matutes, Jr., and Rafael Nadal, where he is in charge of developing the Tatel restaurants and other businesses.” According to the publication, the businessman’s environment ensures that “Íñigo is in talks with his legal team: that you have committed infidelity does not mean that you will allow your right to privacy to be violated. With this, he tries to stop the spread of new images with other girls, supposedly taken during her courtship with Tamara “.


    “She, as a Christian, will forgive Íñigo, but she is clear that, as a woman, she will not,” the Marquise’s friends assure the magazine.