Friends 2023, sixth episode of the Evening: who came out, advances

TOaron, Angelina, Cricca, Isobel, Maddalena, Mattia, Ramon and Wax are the 8 competitors still in the race at the Evening of Friends 2023. But tonight, one of them will be eliminated by Michele Bravi, Giuseppe Giofrè and Cristiano Malgioglio. To find out, appointment at 21.25 on Channel 5 with the sixth installment.

Friends 2023the Evening: the contestants of the sixth episode

Last week Maria De Filippi said goodbye to Federica Andreanisinger of the team of Arisa and Raimondo Todaro, ended up in the runoff with Ramon. The 8 survivors now return to the fight to defend their place within the programme.

The teams are so divided. They are part of the team of Lorella Cuccarini and Emmanuel Lo the singers Angelina Mango, Giovanni Cricca (aka Cricca) and the dancer Maddalena Svevi. Alessandra Celentano and Rudy Zerbi they drive instead Aaron (real name Edoardo Boari, singer) and the dancers Isobel Fetiye Kinnear and Ramon Agnelli. Arisa and Todaro they manage Mattia Zenzola and Wax, born Matteo Lucido, singer.

Second the previews provided by Friends News And TV Superguideto kick off the dances are the judges, who perform to the tune of Your Song (Michael Bravi) Roxanne (Giuseppe Giofrè) e Lady Marmalade (Christian Malgioglio). After which the race comes alive with the three heats into which the bet is divided. In each, two teams compete in a whirlwind of performances at the end of which only 7 students will remain in the competition.

Who goes to the final ballot?

It is the moment of the program where everyone is against everyone. Anyone risks going out and having to give up the dream of reaching the final. The name of the eliminated will be announced during the broadcastbut the advances say that there will be 3 competitors sent to the final ballot: Cricca, Mattia and Ramon.

The first to escapeafter a performance on the notes of It’s my life, would be Matthias. Ramon should instead perform two ballets: one on classical music and the other based on The pockets full of rocks (by Jovanotti). While Cricca should sing I was looking for love (by Emma Brown).

The contestants of “Friends 2023” in the sixth episode of the evening. (Gianluca Saragò)

For the moment hilarity entrusted to Teachers, to throw down the gauntlet will be Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano. On the topic disco music they will propose a medley by Raffaella Carrà. With Celentano disguised as Raffa and Rudy as Pedro, character of the homonymous song launched in 1980

Arisa will sing I wanna dance with somebody on a cube, while Todaro will launch into a choreography accompanied by professional dancers. In the end, Lorella Cuccarini and Emanuel Lo they will compete in a 70s medley. For Cuccarini there is also an exhibition hanging from a sphere. It therefore promises to be a moment of pure entertainment, to which the Professors have accustomed the public. In particular, Lorella and Emanuel, who amaze week after week with their breathtaking choreography.

Maria De Filippi and Gaia. (Gianluca Saragò)

Friends 2023Enrico Brignano and Gaia guests of the sixth evening

Like every week, there is no shortage The guests. The sixth episode of the Evening of Friends 2023 sees the union again comedian and singer. Tonight it’s about Enrico Brignano and Gaia. For the Roman actor it is a return: he has already been a guest, in fact, of the second episode.

For Gaia, on the other hand, it is the first time at the Evening of this edition. However, it is also a return for her, given that in 2020 Friends he won it and which has returned several times over the years. Now presents the new single, entitled Ecstasy. Born in 1997, your first experience in a talent show dates back to 2016, when you participate in X Factorbut it is Friends to give it the right push.

In 2021 he is among the Bigs of the Sanremo Festival with Bitter heart, ranking in nineteenth place. Still in the same year collaborates with Madame, Rkomi and Sean Paul. With the latter he recorded the single Mouth. In 2022 he returns to the scene with the song Salt pan.