When host Özcan Akyol asks whether Francis van Broekhuizen sometimes has dark thoughts, the opera singer does not mince her words. “I am now in such a preliminary phase of the menopause,” she says. “I noticed that it made me much more emotional. But that is hormonal. For the first time in my life I am on the pill to to level it up a bit and that helps a lot.”

    But before that, she was very gloomy at times. “I don’t know that about myself. I am normally very cheerful, tidy and can put my shoulders to the wheel. Suddenly every now and then I had one of those days when I thought: let me die. That’s better. That you have it so black in your head that you think: well what is this? Those hormones; women sometimes have it tough. Phew!”

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    Van Broekhuizen explains: ,,I always have the feeling that I know how I am put together and then suddenly something happens in your system that makes you think very differently. And if you get mad you want to kill people. Really, so aggressive. Well, that’s not good! So I’m going to cry and scream.” Her wife Jacqueline would often urge her to calm down. “Just count to ten,” she would say.

    Because of her work as opera singers she needs her feeling very much. ,,In my normal being I can always express that in that singing. And then I’m fine for the rest. But now I didn’t even feel like singing. Then all bells start ringing with me, because singing is a kind of food and drink for me.” The pill turned out to be the solution. ,,I have been taking it since January. And that’s so nice. Everything is back to normal leveled out.”

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