Francesco Farioli spoke after the Beşiktaş-Alanyaspor match! If we get the goal in the first minutes…

Speaking at the press conference held after the match played at Vodafone Park, Farioli said, “We knew that the match would be difficult. Beşiktaş has quality players in every position. If we had scored in the first minutes, the game would have gone in a different direction. After falling behind, we might even have a chance to draw and take the lead. We played but it didn’t happen.” used the phrases.

Emphasizing that they are a young team, the Italian coach said, “We are one of the teams that play with the most young players in the league. In some cases, we can experience ups and downs. Sometimes we cannot react when we fall behind. We made some mistakes. In some cases, we lack experience. We will continue to work. We have a learning process. Sometimes we can get slaps. These slaps can bring us to ourselves.” he said.

When asked about the risk of playing from behind, Farioli said, “We will stick to this idea clearly. We see that this game is more beneficial than harming us.” gave the answer.

Stating that he started his coaching career in Turkey and is very happy to work here, Francesco Farioli said, “Turkish football has contributed a lot to me. Two clubs have trusted me and given me a task. Turkish football does not see its true value. It is a league that cannot be underestimated. We enjoy working here. The facilities are in a way that cannot be seen abroad.” made its assessment.