Nicolas Schindelholz passed away.

    Nicolas Schindelholz played as a central defender in the Swiss league. PDO

    Swiss soccer player Nicolas Schindelholz has died at the age of 34 from cancer. His former club FC Aarau announced the sad news after the Swiss league game against Basel.

    According to reports, the player’s old teammates had burst into tears after the announcement was made in the stadium. Schindelholz will be missed by his wife and four children.

    Schindelholz, who played the top spot, was diagnosed with lung cancer and ended his career in 2020.

    He is described as a selfless team player. Schindelholz played his entire career in Switzerland.

    The gates of the national team did not open for the player, but many of his teammates got to represent Switzerland on the green.

    Sources: Blick, The Sun