Fireworks shows in Amsterdam and Hilversum also canceled due to strong winds

Planned fireworks shows in Amsterdam and Hilversum have been canceled due to bad weather. Which report organizations Saturday. The strong wind in particular poses a safety risk. Earlier, Zoetermeer and Apeldoorn, among others, canceled all their fireworks shows due to the weather forecast, while the bonfire on the beach in Scheveningen was lit a day earlier

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In Amsterdam, the fireworks and drone show at the A’DAM Tower has been canceled after consultation with the municipality. The event may still take place at the beginning of the new year. The planned fireworks show on the Museumplein in the capital will continue for the time being. Shows were scheduled in Hilversum at 7:30 PM and at midnight. The municipality has decided to cancel the entire New Year’s Eve program.

Weather institute KNMI expects a stormy New Year’s Eve. For the provinces of North Holland, Friesland and Limburg, it has issued code yellow due to heavy gusts of wind from the southwest. These increase in strength during the day to about 85 kilometers per hour.

Rotterdam, where the annual National Fireworks are set off at the Erasmus Bridge, has yet to make a decision about whether or not the show will go ahead. In a wind stronger than wind force 5, it is not allowed to continue anyway. On Saturday morning, the wind force in the port city was between 4 and 5.